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Yearbook 2013

Bolivia. The political conflict between President Evo Morales and the eastern provinces continued deep during the year. In some cities in the province of Santa Cruz, where the opposition was strongest, riots of violence occurred on numerous occasions. The disagreement was about the practical form of the province's autonomous status as guaranteed by the new constitution, but rejected by President Morale's sympathizers.

2013 Bolivia

According to Countryaah, Santa Cruz is of the utmost importance to Bolivia's aggregate GDP and Morales sought to curb the contradictions through legislation favoring the province's major landlords and by investing the equivalent of $ 3 billion. Particularly controversial was the Election Court's proposal at the end of September to give Santa Cruz another three seats in Congress at the expense of neighboring provinces of Chuquisaca, Potosí and Beni, which provoked anger there. On October 3, large demonstrations were held against the proposal in Chuquisaca.

In March, the capital, La Paz, was paralyzed by protests and strikes organized by the powerful trade union organization COB (Central Obrera Boliviana), which, while supporting President Morales, but also acting very selfishly. The worst unrest occurred in the city of Oruro, where after four days of general strike the provincial assembly was forced to take back a decision to call the local airport after President Morales. About the same time, the governor of Santa Cruz issued a state of emergency as a result of a crime wave in the already battered province.

On April 29, the Constitutional Court declared that President Morales and Vice President Álvaro García Linera could stand for a third term in the 2014 presidential election. The opposition immediately accused the court of joining the president and his party, the Movement for Socialism (MAS), the ligaments.

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