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Yearbook 2013

Honduras. According to Countryaah, the presidential election held on November 24 ended in an unclear situation, but one week after the election, the electoral authority announced that Juan Orlando Hernández, former congressional president and candidate for the ruling National Party, had won by a barely majority. Xiomara Castro, candidate for the new Left Party Libre and wife of former President Manuel Zelaya (2006–09), who was deposed in a military coup in June 2009, accused the authorities of irregularities in the electoral process, called for protests against the election results and demanded recounting of votes.

2013 Honduras

In the earliest opinion polls, she also led clearly and confidence in the incumbent government was very weak. Honduras faces many difficult challenges - it is the second continent in the American continent with high unemployment and high cost of living, with the world's highest murder statistics where only every fifth murder is investigated at all and with notoriously weak public institutions. A painful reminder of the security situation in the country came on April 18 when Orlan Chávez, special prosecutor for organized crime, was murdered in the open street.

The fears of political chaos in the coming term of office grew in view of this becoming stronger during the year. As if to weaken further public institutions and public confidence in them, the Congress voted just before the election to allow court processes against incumbent public officials, including the president, vice president and state prosecutor.

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