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Yearbook 2013

Jordan. In the recent January 23 election to the newly enlarged parliament, most of the 150 seats went to government-friendly candidates. Parliament had been given increased powers in 2012 and now decided in many day-to-day affairs, but not foreign and security policy - those issues were still in King Abdullah's hands. The country's largest opposition party, the Islamic Action Front (IAF), boycotted the election because it considered reforms to be inadequate and the most favored rural areas where support for the royal house was greatest. After the election, the incumbent Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour formed a new government.

2013 Jordan

According to Countryaah, Jordan received a large number of refugees from Syria's war, for a long period of a thousand people a day. Many ended up in the large Zaatari refugee camp near the border, which in one year grew from nothing to become Jordan's fourth largest city with at least 120,000 residents in July. There were schools, roads and shops, but also growing problems with gang crime and prostitution. Elsewhere in the country, there were at least another 400,000 Syrian refugees.

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