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Yearbook 2013

Peru. According to Countryaah, President Ollanta Humala's political problems grew during the year. In July, it was revealed that Defense Minister Pedro Cateriano had been illegally intercepted and that in a recording, he indicated that he was taking orders from President's wife Nadine Heredia rather than from the President himself. The accusation of Heredia's character of gray eminence in the government has been raised several times by the opposition. The same week, a former congressman and party mate of President Humala was arrested for meddling in drug smuggling, and in November it was revealed that he had contact with a politician sitting in jail, convicted of illegal interception and corruption.

2013 Peru

The scandals did not exactly improve on President Humala's opinion figures. By August, the proportion of voters who supported him had almost halved from 50% in April to just 29%. At the same time, Peru's country organization went into massive protests against a bill to amend the terms of public employment that the government presented to streamline public administration. A minor government reshuffle took place at the same time, and in late October, Prime Minister Juan Jiménez Mayor was dismissed and replaced by César Villanueva, Peru's fourth prime minister in two years.

The increasingly serious crime forced the president to create a special police force, Genesis, in particular to deal with organized crime. Several politicians and journalists were murdered during the year.

One of few humble successes for Humala was the discovery in August by the Maoist guerrilla group Sendero Luminoso's two main leaders, Orlando Alejandro Borda Casafranca ("Camarada Alípio") and Martín Quispe Palomino ("Camarada Gabriel") in the southern part of the Ayacuchi region. Both were killed in an attack carried out by Peru's special intelligence brigade. Sendero Luminoso, who has long suffered a thinning existence, was greatly weakened by their death.

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