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Yearbook 2013

2013 YemenYemen. According to Countryaah, a national dialogue conference started on March 18 in the capital Sana and continued for the rest of the year. The conference gathered under President Abd Rabbuh Mansur al-Hadi's presidency 565 delegates from widely differing groups - the General People's Congress (GPC), the Harak movement demanding self-government for southern Yemen, the Islamist al-Islah party, the Yemen's socialist party and the Shi'ite Muslim al-Shuth northern Yemen.

The agenda was ambitious and included, among other things. to set up a committee with the task of writing a new constitution; to try to solve all regional problems; to establish democracy by reforming the administration, the justice system and local politics, and by strengthening the protection of vulnerable groups and women. 60,000 soldiers protected the delegates, but three aides to an al-Huthi legate were still shot dead on March 23.

2013 Yemen

The fighting in various parts of the country continued. The al-Qaeda jihadist movement in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) killed several hundred government soldiers in various attacks during the year. September 20 when at least 40 soldiers perished in several terrorist acts in the Shabu Province. AQAP also assumed responsibility for an attack on the Ministry of Defense in Sana on December 5 when 52 people were killed, among them several from the health care staff at a military hospital in the department area. The motive was said to be that American unmanned drone aircraft had been steered from control rooms in the department. The drone plane, backed by Saudi combat aircraft and Yemeni government forces, carried out a number of attacks on targets that were said to belong to AQAP during the year. Human rights organization Human Rights Watch reported that of six US drone attacks that it studied, two had killed civilians,

The United States, the United Kingdom and several other Western countries temporarily closed their embassies in Sana on August 2, after the US government issued a security alert, judging by threats from al-Qaeda. The US also closed some 20 embassies in other countries.

According to reports, there were approximately 2 million migrants in Yemen, most of them from eastern Africa and with a view to Saudi Arabia. In November, tens of thousands of migrants were forced into the area.

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