Accommodation in Kenya

Accommodation in Kenya

According to Country Plus, Kenya is a very developed country in terms of tourism and can satisfy any request, it all depends on the size of the money supply and personal preferences.

Youth hostels and five-star suites, camping tents in the middle of the African savannah, private villas located in secluded corners of the ocean coast, surrounded by tropical thickets and drowning in the whisper of the ocean surf.

For some, a night spent under a canvas canopy in the African bush, by a fire in the open African sky, with the fantastic nightly sounds of wildlife, is the most unforgettable and ecstatic experience, and for such people this experience is more expensive than five-star hotels or lodges.

For others, enjoying comfort, excellent service, individual attention to yourself, and even surrounded by absolutely wild nature, and with all this there is a spirit of adventure, is a true relaxation of soul and body.

Whatever you are looking for, Kenya has everything to relax and unwind to suit all tastes and pockets.


If you choose to stay on safari at the Kenyan Lodges, you will find a high level of comfort. Usually it is 5-4 *, but, as a rule, Kenyans are not fond of stardom. Lodges are like forest houses, they are usually located in strategically competent places on the territory of national parks and private reserves.

Room rates and interior style can range from the usual European middle-class standard to posh suites crammed with mahogany, ebony sculptures, and leopard-skin flooring, it’s understandable that the price of such a night would be fantastically pleasantly high. Exotic.

Traditionally, lodges are built in such a way that they fit into the local landscape as harmoniously as possible, often using natural local materials during construction. Decorate inside with all sorts of African things. The lodge always has a restaurant, or several restaurants, where tables are served three times a day. The tricksters arrange it so that while eating you can also observe what is happening around in nature. For example, they can arrange a restaurant on the veranda overlooking the watering hole, or in the evening they can have dinner on the terrace, light fires everywhere and give the dinner a fantastic purely African atmosphere.

In addition to excellent food and accommodation, every self-respecting lodge will offer a specialist naturalist who is ready to arrange unforgettable walks in the surrounding thickets and tell you all about the animals, birds and plants living in the area.


Camping safari in Kenya is recognized as one of the most exciting wilderness adventures.

Living in tents set up in the bush gives a feeling of natural closeness to nature. The romance of night fires under the bright African stars is inexpressible, the night in the savannah is a very special time when the air around is ringing, filled with the cries of night birds and animals. A grandiose impression is made by the growling of a lion going out to hunt at night.

Most national parks provide equipped camping sites with basic amenities. Most travel companies offer camping assistance, such as setting up a tent, preparing food, and can also provide transportation and a guide. It is better to think about all this in advance, and get all the confirmations before entering the country.

If you are an independent traveler traveling with your own vehicle and camping equipment, then you need to make sure you have enough food, water, fuel, essentials. Do not rely on local stalls and other unreliable sources. Take special care of the large reserves of fresh water, even rivers can dry up, so you can only rely on yourself. If you take water from rivers, reservoirs, streams, puddles, taps, anywhere, sometimes even if you buy bottled water, be sure to filter it or boil it for a few minutes before drinking.

If you want to camp outside of the officially designated areas, be sure to ask permission. Maybe the land you want to camp on is privately owned or owned and controlled by a local tribe. In some cases, you will have to obtain permission for money. And remember, being on a foreign land you need to respect local customs and traditions.

Also, do not forget to respect the ethics of environmental conservation. Burn, bury or take all rubbish with you. Don’t leave unfinished food that might attract animals. And do not leave food in plain sight at all, animals will not hesitate to take it, if it attracts monkeys, this is half the trouble, but if elephants come to the smell of fruit?

Equipped camps

This type of accommodation is ideal for those who want to be as close to nature as possible, but do not want to experience any discomfort in connection with this.

Such a camp offers its guests a large space in the tent, where they can safely move around at full height. Here you will find normal beds and other pieces of furniture. In some of the coolest tents, you can find marble bathtubs with direct hot water supply, a toilet and a shower. Some of these camps are mobile with all their facilities and personnel serving this facility.

In stationary camps of this type, the tents are large, on high wooden platforms, with personal balconies. Most of these camps have a separate tent serving as a restaurant serving silverware and crystal champagne. As a rule, they offer three meals a day.


Don’t be surprised, Kenya has the usual good old hotels, the cost of accommodation satisfies everyone from economical Germans and Jews, students traveling with backpacks light, able to find accommodation for 30 dollars, to discerning millionaires or ordinary Russian people who can accommodate 600 dollars per one night. Accommodation in hotels is typical for cities, there are many hotels on the coast.

In Nairobi you can find hotels of the well-known European chains Intercontinental, and others. In this city, there are a lot of hotels of large skyscrapers and small buildings stylized in the colonial style of the 20s. There are hotels for everyone, for businessmen, for lovers, for hunters and adventurers, for the rich and the poor.

Houses for rent, apartments and villas with cottages. (Rental Homes, Apartments and Cottages)

For complete individuals in Kenya, there is always something to rent at your own disposal. For any period and any size. From rural ranches in the bush to historic Swahili mansions on the coast, where walls remember who lived in them 100 years ago. You can find housing in the city, or you can find it on deserted beaches. Most of the apartments for rent are fully equipped with everything you need for life, from kitchenware to a personal chef, and a butler. All this can be ordered in advance, preferably through an agency.

Homestay accommodation.

Homestays are the perfect opportunity to experience real, everyday life in Kenya. This type of “cultural exchange” in tourism is very popular among students and those who study Kenyan culture. Thus, one can live in a country family, in an urban family, on a farm, on a ranch, in the fishing quarters. Any whim, as they say, for your money. This is the best way to learn about the country, about people, their national characteristics, about nature.

Accommodation in Kenya