Antigua and Barbuda 2013

Antigua and Barbuda Population Density

Yearbook 2013

Antigua and Barbuda. During the year, Antigua and Barbuda began selling citizenship in exchange for investment. In October, Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer presented the new Citizenship by Investment program, which had been under investigation for two years. Other countries in the region, such as Dominica and Saint Christopher and Nevis, had already started selling citizenship.

The purpose is to increase foreign investment in the country and thus the number of jobs. According to Countryaah, capital-rich foreigners can choose between different investments, the smallest of which is a contribution of $ 250,000 to Antigua’s development fund. Spencer pointed out that the program does not mean that everyone who can pay gets a passport and citizenship. The authorities make careful checks, he assured.

Antigua and Barbuda Population Density

Country data

Area: 441.6 km2 (world ranking: 183)

Population: 102,000

Population density: 231 per km2 (as of 2017, world ranking: 184)

Capital: St. John’s

Official languages: English

Gross domestic product: 1.5 billion US $; Real growth: 3.3%

Gross national product (GNP, per resident and year): US $ 14,170

Currency: 1 Eastern Caribbean. Dollar (EC $) = 100 cents


45 Crawford Place, GB-London W1H 4LP
T +44 20 72580070,
Fax +44 20

Head of State: Elizabeth II, Head of Government: Gaston Browne, Outside: Chet

National Greene
Day 1.11.

Administrative structure
6 districts, 2 dependencies (Barbuda and Redonda)

State and form of government
Constitution of 1981
Constitutional monarchy (in the Commonwealth)
Parliament: House of Representatives with 19 members (17 elected, 1 ex-officio, 1 speaker), election every 5 years; Senate (Senate) with 17 members appointed for 5 years.
Suffrage from 18 years.

Population of: Antiguans, last census 2011: 85,567 residents; Antigua 83,933, Barbuda 1634
87% of African descent

Cities (with population): (as of 2011) St. John’s 22,193 pop.; (As of 2001) All Saints 3900, Liberta 2560

Religions: especially Christian denominations, minorities of Hindus, Jews and Muslims; 12% religious / n / a (as of: 2006)

Languages: English; Creole

Workers by economic sector: no information

Unemployment (in% of all labor force): no information

Inflation rate (in%): 2017: 2.5%

Foreign trade: Import: 620 million US $ (2017); Export: US $ 35 million (2017)