Bridgetown, Barbados

Bridgetown, Barbados

According to wholevehicles, Bridgetown is the largest and only city in Barbados, the easternmost island in the Caribbean. In the 17th century it was a British colony and the center of the slave trade, and today this city is a small tropical copy of London. There are many luxurious restaurants, excellent shopping in duty-free shops, historical monuments of the colonial era and white sand beaches.

It is recommended to come to Bridgetown from February to May, at this time it is sunny and warm, but from June to October there are often hurricanes and prolonged downpours that can ruin your vacation.

How to get there

Sir Grantley Adams Airport is located 13 km from Bridgetown, where dozens of flights from England, the USA and Canada arrive. You can use British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and American Airlines. You can get from the airport to the city by bus or taxi.

If you are on a cruise ship and decide to disembark, there are many taxis available at the port terminal, which will cost you 2 BBD per person. If you are traveling on your own yacht, then many private marinas will give you shelter.

Anchoring in coral reefs is strictly prohibited.


Bus service in and around Bridgetown is cheap and convenient. Municipal buses are blue, private buses are yellow. The trip costs an average of 2 BBD, the drivers are cheerful, friendly and carry passengers to rhythmic loud music. Buses from the south of the island arrive at a terminal near the city center, buses from the north and central part of the island go to the bus station near the Cheapside market. Please note that buses drop off passengers outside the terminal, but you must go inside the terminal to travel. If you are taking a taxi, it is best to agree on the price of the trip in advance, although taxi drivers are usually honest and friendly.

Some of the island’s attractions lie far from bus routes, so for complete freedom of movement it is best to rent a car. The roads on the island are narrow, uneven and with sharp turns – be careful. You can also rent a moped or bicycle, but traveling around the suburbs will require you to be in good physical health and nervous system.

Most of Bridgetown’s attractions are within walking distance of the city centre. You will need a bus (or taxi) to go to Savanna Green and of course to the Malibu Rum factory.

Bridgetown Hotels

There are not so many places to stay in Bridgetown. Most tourists come to the city for one day from the small towns or resorts of the west coast of Speightstown and Holetown.

But in the immediate vicinity of the city you can find any accommodation from guesthouses for 40 USD per night with breakfast to luxurious premium hotels, the prices for a room in which sometimes reach 1500 USD in high season. You can rent villas, private apartments and cottages.


The local cuisine is a mixture of spicy spicy island cuisine and traditional English. The symbol of the island and the main dish on the menu are flying fish. They are usually fried breaded and served in a yellow sauce. Be careful, the sauce is very spicy. Another traditional dish is pepperpot, pork stewed in a dark sauce.

Waterfront Cafe on the waterfront is a great place to try local cuisine, appreciate a bouquet of rum punch and listen to live music. At Harbor Lights – for 40 BBD you get drinks for the whole night, you can also listen to live music there. Fish patties, pork ribs, coconuts and roasted peanuts can be safely bought right on the street.


On the waterfront you can buy a lot of trinkets made from sea shells. Bargain, prices can be reduced at least three times. Serious jewelry buyers are advised to visit Cave Shepherd and Macy’s of Barbados on Broad Street, where, according to connoisseurs, you should buy Colombian emeralds and diamonds. Also this street is filled with countless duty free shops. More affordable clothing and footwear is sold on Swan Street.

From Bridgetown, you must definitely bring rum, which can be bought both directly at the Malibu factory and shops in the port.

Entertainment and attractions in Bridgetown

Museum Ann’s Garrison, St. Michael is located on the western edge of the racecourse and is open daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Housed in a former British military prison, the museum allows you to get acquainted with the history of the island from the time of the aborigines, the arrival of Europeans, the period of slavery, being a British colony and up to the present day. Tickets cost 20 BBD.

The Church of St. Mary, made in the Gregorian architectural tradition, was built in 1827 on the site of an earlier building from the early 17th century.

Careenage is now not only a port, but a huge complex for recreation and pleasant pastime, which includes restaurants, bars, shops and boutiques. A stroll along the waterfront will take you back in time, especially as you pass the neo-Gothic Houses of Parliament and Trafalgar Square, which is dominated by a statue of Admiral Nelson.

A secular and at the same time gambling leisure will be a visit to a cricket match on Kensington Field, where you will enjoy the atmosphere of the colonial life of the West Indies.

We also recommend visiting the horse races. If you’re lucky enough to make it to Barbados Derby Day or Barbados Gold Cup Day, you’ll be able to spot the local elite and hardcore players.

Bridgetown, Barbados