Caddo Mills, Texas

Caddo Mills, Texas

According to LIUXERS.COM, Caddo Mills, Texas is located in northeast Texas, about 45 miles northeast of Dallas. It is situated in Hunt County and lies at the intersection of State Highway 66 and Farm to Market Road 36. The town is surrounded by a mix of rolling hills, flat farmlands, forests and wetlands.

The geography of Caddo Mills is predominantly rural with most of the land used for agriculture or forestry activities. The town itself lies on a plateau with an elevation of around 600 feet above sea level. This plateau overlooks several creeks such as the Caddo River, which passes through the town and provides a source of recreation for locals and visitors alike.

The terrain surrounding Caddo Mills is mostly comprised of flat plains dotted with trees, shrubs and other vegetation. There are several small hills that border the town but they are generally low-lying and do not obstruct views from within the city limits. The majority of these hills are covered by oak trees providing plenty of shade during hot summer days.

The area around Caddo Mills is also home to several lakes such as Lake Tawakoni which lies just outside the city limits to the northwest. This lake provides plenty of recreational opportunities such as fishing, boating, swimming and camping during warmer months. Other nearby lakes include Lake Fork Reservoir which can be found just south of town as well as Lake Bob Sandlin located further east near Mount Pleasant.

Overall, Caddo Mills has an interesting mix of geography that includes rolling hills, flat farmlands and wetland areas all within close proximity to one another. This provides plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as fishing, camping and hiking throughout most parts of the year making it a great place to visit or call home for those looking for some peace and quiet away from busy city life.

Caddo Mills, Texas

Demographics of Caddo Mills, Texas

Caddo Mills, Texas is a small town located in northeast Texas with a population of about 2,100 people. The town has a mix of rural and urban demographics with the majority of its citizens being Caucasian. According to the latest census data, the population is evenly divided between males and females and the median age is 36 years old.

The median income for households in Caddo Mills is around $50,000 per year while the median home value is roughly $130,000. Most households are owner-occupied with approximately 76% owning their homes while 24% rent. The majority of residents work in blue-collar professions such as manufacturing, construction and transportation industries.

The town also has a relatively high percentage of people living below the poverty line at approximately 13%. This figure is slightly higher than both state and national averages but still lower than other cities in Hunt County.

Education wise, Caddo Mills has one elementary school which serves students from pre-K to 8th grade as well as one high school that provides education for 9th through 12th grade students. The school district also provides bus transportation to students living within city limits while those living outside must provide their own transportation or make arrangements with another student’s family for carpooling purposes.

Overall, Caddo Mills has a diverse population with different backgrounds and economic levels that provide an interesting mix of cultures throughout the city limits. With its rural setting yet close proximity to larger cities such as Dallas it makes an ideal place for those looking for some peace and quiet away from busy city life yet still have access to amenities nearby.

Industries of Caddo Mills, Texas

Caddo Mills, Texas is a small town located in northeast Texas with a population of around 2,100 people. The town has a mix of rural and urban demographics and the majority of its citizens work in blue-collar professions such as manufacturing, construction and transportation industries.

The manufacturing industry is an important part of Caddo Mills’ economy. It consists mainly of small firms that produce parts for larger companies throughout the state. These companies provide employment to many residents in the area and contribute to local GDP growth. The most common products produced are metal components, plastic products and electronic components.

The construction industry is also a major employer in Caddo Mills. Many local contractors specialize in residential building projects such as new homes, additions or remodeling existing structures. Other contractors focus on commercial projects such as office buildings or warehouses which often require additional manpower including electricians, plumbers and HVAC technicians.

The transportation industry also plays an important role in Caddo Mills’ economy as it provides jobs to many residents who work for local trucking companies or bus services that serve the area’s needs for goods and services. Additionally, many commuters rely on these services to get to their destinations quickly while avoiding traffic congestion on the roads.

Overall, Caddo Mills has a diverse set of industries that provide employment opportunities to its citizens while contributing to local GDP growth. These industries help keep the town’s economy vibrant while providing goods and services to its citizens and visitors alike.

Road Network in Caddo Mills, Texas

Caddo Mills, Texas is located in northeast Texas and is connected to the nearby cities of Dallas, Greenville and Sulphur Springs through a network of roads. These roads provide easy access to the amenities of larger cities while still allowing residents to enjoy the peace and quiet of small-town life.

The main road that runs through Caddo Mills is Highway 66, which connects it to other towns in Hunt County. This road also serves as a major thoroughfare for commuters travelling from Dallas and beyond. Additionally, several other highways run through Caddo Mills including Highway 78 which connects the town with Sulphur Springs, and Highway 69 which links it to Greenville.

In addition to these highways, there are several smaller roads that provide access to Caddo Mills’ local businesses and neighborhoods. These include FM 859 which runs north-south through the town center, FM 1567 which provides access to residential areas on the east side of town, FM 362 which connects the town with Lake Tawakoni State Park in neighboring Rains County, and FM 981 which links Caddo Mills with neighboring Commerce.

The road network in Caddo Mills provides convenient access for both residents and visitors alike. It allows commuters an easy route into larger cities while still providing a peaceful environment away from busy city life. Additionally, these roads provide a way for people to explore all that this small town has to offer including its unique restaurants, shops and parks.