Comoros 2013

Comoros Population Density

Yearbook 2013

Comoros. According to Countryaah, about ten people were arrested in April accused of planning a coup attempt against the government. The arrests were preceded by some concern over coups since President Ikililou Dhoinine had fired allies to his predecessor Ahmed Abdallah Sambi, despite supporting him when he came to power in 2010. Among other things, Dhoinine had fired the army chief. As a result of the dismissals, Sambi had said that he had been excluded from the president’s inner circle and now belonged to the opposition.

Comoros Population Density

The Comoros have experienced about 20 coups since independence in 1975. The government was very sorry for the incident, which was criticized by the opposition. Among the arrested were, according to media reports, the son of former President Ahmed Abdallah Abderemane, who was assassinated in 1989, as well as a former minister. See DIGOPAUL for map and location of Comoros.

In July, President Dhoinine re-furnished the government and appointed six new ministers.