Corfu Attractions and Tourist

Corfu Attractions

Attractions in Corfu

Corfu offers many different types of attractions and sights. Not least, nature experiences in the form of steep cliffs that steadfastly resist the eternal blows of the waves, plains with olive trees and mountain peaks with stunning views.

But Corfu also has cultural attractions in the form of good museums and magnificent buildings with private collections.

The city enthusiasts are given a distinctive architecture with not least Italian influence in Corfu town. And for many tourists, the Old Town is probably the biggest attraction in itself with its narrow winding streets and bustling crowds.

Of specific attractions and sights in Corfu we suggest:

Archaeological Museum of Corfu

The Archaeological Museum houses, among other things, finds from the Temple of Artemis and is considered by “intelligentsia” as one of the finest and most beautiful examples of Archaic architecture (from ancient Greece) in the world. The museum is open all year (closed Mondays) and you will find it in the old town of Corfu Town.

Byzantine Museum (Antivouniotissa Museum)

Why not take a look at rare Byzantine art? You will find a museum dedicated to this in an old church (Panagía Antivuniótissa) which has been converted into a Byzantine museum. Open from 0830 to 1500 all year, except 1/1, 25/3, 1/5 and 25/12.

The Serbian Museum in Corfu

Get to know the tragic fate of Serbian soldiers during World War I. Nearly 150,000 Serbian soldiers became refugees in Corfu as a result of the Austro-Hungarian attack in the country in 1915. The museum has photographs and objects that document the terror and horror of the war and life in Corfu

The address is Moustoxydi 19, in central Corfu Town.

Aqualand in Corfu

There are probably not a few tourists in Corfu who during the holidays go to Agio Ioannis. In any case, the claim concerns those traveling with children. This is where Aqualand – one of Europe’s most spectacular water parks.

12,000 square feet of fun, and it applies to everyone, regardless of age!
The location of Aqualand is in the middle of the island of Corfu, about 10 kilometers just west of Corfu town.

Achilleion in Corfu

On the east coast of Corfu you will find Achilleion, this castle which was financed by Sisi, Empress Elisabeth of Austria. The castle was later purchased by Emperor Wilhelm II (Germany) and in our day tourists come here to see the magnificent building, the many statues and the park, [ see picture first in the article].

The address is Achilleiou, Gastouri which is approximately 9 kilometers south of Corfu Town.


If you visit the Byzantine angelic castle you will have a wonderful natural experience on the purchase. The ruins of Angelókastro are located on a cliff that goes vertically down to the depths of the sea, where the view is exceptional on a good day.

Angelókastro is located on the west side of Corfu, northwest of Corfu Town. It is said that the old fortress of Corfu Town and Angelókastro could signal to each other when danger threatened. You will find the Castle of Angel near the villages of Krini and Paleokastritsa. Driving distance from Corfu Town is about 22 kilometers.

Tourist in Corfu

Corfu Attractions 2

Most tourist complexes for “most people” are located either north or east on the island of Corfu. In the middle of, ie northeast of Corfu, there are a few large but expensive holiday complexes. Far south, at Kavos, there are also facilities that attract package tourists.

The vast majority of tourists who come to Corfu visit the island because of the sun and beach life. The beaches in the west of Corfu have better sand quality than usual on the island, while the bathing water is quieter and more child friendly on the east side.

Photo: ” Canal d’amour at Sidari in Corfu ” by Dr.K. – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 through Wikimedia Commons.

Some selected beaches worth visiting are:

Chalikounas Beach
This is an elongated beach southwest of Corfu, which is more specifically located so that you find the sea on one side and the large lake Chalikounas (Limni Korisia) on the other. With such surroundings you can only find peace of mind! It is in this area you will find the most scenic beaches in Corfu!

Canal D’Amour
This is a famous beach that has its name (“love canal “) [see image first in article] due to the fact that at the entrance to the bay there is a pierced cliff that can lead the thought of a natural tunnel.

The Canal D’Amour is located in the northwest of Corfu, not far from the resorts of Sidari and Agios Ioannis.

If you take the trip east in Corfu then visit Benitses, a former fishing village that represents some of the traditional style of the island.

Don’t expect to be alone, however, because Benitses is a popular destination for tourists and can be said to be Corfu’s first tourist resort. The distance to Corfu Town is 12 kilometers.

Messonghi beach Child
families are happy to go to Messonghi beach southeast of Corfu as the beach is perfect for the smallest of us. Clean and calm water, white sand and lots of small fish to watch. Several Beach hotels are in the area. The distance to Corfu town is about 20 kilometers.

Corfu Attractions

A special tourist excursion to Lazaretto (Aghios Dimitrios)

Just northeast of Corfu you will find a small island that was located under the Venetians in the 16th century. Here you will find a beautiful monastery that gave the island its name, Lazaretto.

Here, among other things, lepers sent. In 1798, the monastery was converted into a hospital because of strife between the French and the Russian-Turkish fleet before it was again converted into a treatment site for lepers under the British in the early 1800s.

Lazaretto covers an area of ​​approximately 70,000 square meters. Talk to the hotel or a tourist information about boat transport.