Krabi as a Travel Destination

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Krabi has many good areas to visit and most spend their nights in Ao Nang. A holiday in Krabi can be combined with many different things, and you can only go there to be on the beach, explore the numerous islands near Krabi or do something special, such as climbing the cliffs of Railay or diving to the islands off Krabi. You can also go to Krabi just for a rest holiday, during which you get to know different areas a bit, eat good food and recharge your batteries. Krabi’s beaches are some of the best in Thailand, and there you can also spend a traditional beach holiday combined with a variety of pastimes.

Krabi is quite a different holiday destination from nearby Phuket or Pattaya on the other side of the country, both of which are famous for their nightlife. Krabi can take pleasure in the evenings, especially in Ao Nang and the city of Krabi, but it is a fairly harmless place to spend the evening, with bar girls and other nightlife side effects only in places. Krabi is not primarily for an evening out, but a relaxed, friendly and unhurried holiday destination where you can fully enjoy a tropical holiday.

Krabi has a tropical climate that includes a couple of seasons. From early December to mid-March, there is little rainfall and sunshine, and temperatures and humidity are at their most tolerable at this time of year. The best time in Krabi, like in many other corners of Thailand, starts during December, and January, February and March are the sunniest and least rainy months of the year.

Krabi as a travel destination

Many first-time travelers to Thailand are concerned about many different things, and many are concerned with hygiene and safety. Food poisoning, various feverish diseases like malaria and accidents scare those traveling to Krabi and elsewhere in Thailand. Many also recall the experiences of travelers twenty years ago, but Thailand has changed, tidied up, and modernized in many ways, and there are really no worries promised to those who are aware of the dangers and know the rules of the game.

The biggest concern on the ground is the damp heat that doesn’t really leave you alone for a moment and can only be escaped to air-conditioned spaces. The sun illuminates the cover of the sky all day, and on cloudy days the humidity percentage can be higher than on sunny days. It is best to ensure that the accommodation is air-conditioned, and it is better for the most sensitive to avoid moving outdoors or in the sun at noon, at least initially. However, some people think that air conditioning should not be kept on at night, and when you are a little used to the heat, you should try to sleep only with a fan. One important thing is to drink water, and water should be drunk in liters every day. Water can be bought everywhere, it is inexpensive and it is best to carry a separate, washable bottle of water.

Krabi attractions 2

Krabi attractions

Krabi is in the same series with many other Thai resorts, and there are few traditional attractions. However, there are plenty of natural attractions, and touring them together, in addition to staying on the beach and various excursions, make up for the lack of attractions. The actual attractions of Krabi are mainly in the city of Krabi, where there is a fine Buddhist temple area, or near it, where there is a tiger cave temple. Nearby is the “Mussel Cemetery” near Ao Nang, which can also be counted as a major attraction in the Krabi area.

Buddhist temple areas (wat) are common in Thailand and nearby countries, but are rare in resorts. Krabi, too, actually has only one wonderful temple area, Wat Kaew, whose magnificent temple (pagoda) is the finest traditional attraction in all of Krabi. Officially called the temple area is Wat Kaew Korawaram and is well worth the approach along the entrance at Soi 6. The magnificent ornate stairs lead up to the white temple, which is as new as it was, built only in 1887. In front of the temple is a large 2,500-square-foot plateau from which it is nice to look elsewhere in the city of Krabi. Inside the temple is a large Buddha statue and other items belonging to Buddhism.

Located a few kilometers from the city of Krabi, Wat Tham Seua, or Tiger Cave, is not only a typical Buddhist temple area, but also a unique natural attraction. The area is a jungle, the temple is in a cave in the middle of the jungle and the monks living in the area create their own atmosphere in the area. The main attractions of the cave are various symbols of Buddhism, monuments and relics. The biggest attraction is the “Footprint of the Buddha” seen in many other temples in Thailand. To get to the cave, you have to climb almost 1,300 steps, which is no small thing in the humid heat of Krabi. The scenery at the top is great and this is a place that offers views in all directions.

By the sea, near Ao Nang, is a shellfish cemetery. This is a unique place as the cemetery is at least 25 million years old but some locals claim it is up to 75 million years old. So this is a particularly good place to visit for those interested in geology and the like, and this is one of the three mussel cemeteries in the world with simply tens of millions of years old mussels. The mussels are surrounded by tropical forests worth exploring, and there is also a Chinese-style Buddhist temple nearby. To see everything, this is a place where it is better to come with a guide than on your own, as the guide can quickly figure out all sorts of things that would otherwise be obscured.