New Providence, Bahamas

New Providence, Bahamas

The heart of the Bahamas is the island of New Providence, whose azure shores and golden beaches are dotted with hotels, shopping centers, parks, and terraces. The vast, densely populated island is chosen not only by tourists, but also by local residents: two-thirds of the Bahamian population live in the capital of the Nassau archipelago. It is with her that you should start your acquaintance.

Note: according to allcitypopulation, the population of Bahamas is 396,914 (2021).


Since the main attraction of the Bahamas is still the sun and the sea, Cable Beach is perfect for these purposes. Moreover, the area is a series of first-class hotels, casinos, restaurants. At any time, you can ride a jet ski and rush to the opposite islands of North Cay and Long Cay for a picnic or fishing.

A curious bridge connects the capital of the Bahamas with the small but stunningly beautiful Paradise Island, a paradise with expensive hotels, golf courses, restaurants and clubs. The most popular tourist pilgrimage site is the Atlantis complex, one of the largest open-air aquariums. Water-tiled labyrinths imitate the ruins of Atlantis, rock heaps appear as copies of the Mayan pyramids, and a transparent underwater tunnel leaves one speechless.

Famous dive sites are located near the island: Clifton Wall, Balmoral Island and the coral arcs at Razorback.


Thrill-seekers will always be held in high esteem in the Bahamas, especially since there are places to flaunt their skills here: Clifton Wall dive site, Balmoral Island and coral arcs at Razorback, the waters of Coral Bay. In addition to diving and yachting, sport fishing and snorkeling are in great demand. One trip to the sea costs 20 USD or 150 USD for the whole year, provided that you have no more than 6 reels of fishing line installed on your vessel. Prices on the page are for July 2021.


Nassau is also about endless hours of shopping, thanks to duty-free shopping and a huge range of goods on offer, the epicenter is Bay Street. Pleasant little things can be purchased at the Straw Market.

Entertainment and attractions in New Providence

In Nassau, it is first advisable to climb to the highest point of the island – the Water Tower, from which the entire island is viewed at a glance. Then, if you feel a craving for antiquity, look into the House with balconies (House with terraces), dating back to the 18th century.

At the end of Cable Beach lies Delaporte Point Beach, a complex of luxurious Venetian-style villas. You can eat in the Hillside area, then look into the Nassau Public Library and the City Museum, which occupied the building of the old city prison. It is better to wait out the heat under the shade of the amazing vegetation of the Royal Victoria Gardens.

Another park that demonstrates the magnificence of the exotic nature of the Bahamas in all its splendor is the Versailles Gardens. An amazingly romantic mood embraces everyone who decides to take a walk among orchids, mangrove trees, red pines and dream under the rustle of artificial waterfalls and fountains. Tourists love to visit the unique stone Arch Gregory (Arc Gregory), which unquestioningly divides Nassau into two parts. Not far from the arch are the ancient suburban settlements of Grants and Bein.

For those who are full of energy, it will not be difficult to get to Fort Charlotte towering on a rock. Until now, the 10 remaining guns of the forts, squinting, guard the peace of the harbor.

For those who like to spend the day among the rarest palm trees collected from all over the world, fragrant orchids to the point of stupefaction and birds chirping in different ways, a direct road to the Retrit National Park, which is entered from 9:00 to 17:00 daily.

2 things to do in New Providence

  1. Visit the Bacardi distillery, where, in addition to tasting, you can replenish your bar by purchasing the distillery’s products at a local store at a discount. The tour is free.
  2. On the night of December 25-26, take part in the famous annual Junkanoo carnival, which takes place on the neighboring island of Arawak. The main condition is a bright shocking carnival costume that allows you to merge with the raging crowd.

New Providence, Bahamas