Order Products for Amazon FBA in China

Order Products for Amazon FBA in China

With its millions of customers, Amazon offers an attractive marketplace for small and large companies. With the right nose for exciting products, relevant sales can be realized quickly via Amazon FBA, without having your own warehouse and with manageable investments. We show you how to buy your products for Amazon in China and transport them directly to Amazon’s FBA warehouse. We spoke to Meidong from the Voltoo forwarding company, who specialize in imports from China.

Which products are successful on Amazon FBA?

According to PaulSourcing, almost all products can be sold on Amazon. If you find a niche that has not yet been occupied, this can have great opportunities on Amazon if the product actually brings added value for the consumer.

Since Amazon customers are often very price-sensitive but also quality-conscious on the other hand, you can also be successful with products on Amazon that are already being sold on the marketplace by other retailers. Get an overview of how many retailers sell a certain product and at what price. A first indication of the sales of the products is the Amazon bestseller rank, which Amazon gives for each product. The higher this is, the more the product is sold in its category.

If products from your analysis are often sold on Amazon and the general price level is rather high in your opinion, this can represent a good product opportunity for an FBA product that you order and import in China. Avoid products that are offered by many retailers and whose price competition is very intense.

Order / have products produced for Amazon FBA in China

You can find Chinese manufacturers for your Amazon FBA products, for example, via the B2B platforms Alibaba.com or Made-in-China.com – alternatively, you can also inquire directly at factories. Products that are not made especially for you are often in stock and can usually be imported at short notice. If you want your own designs or the application of a brand logo, the factories need some time for production. In addition to the production costs for the FBA product, there will be costs for logistics and customs, as Chinese factories, with a few exceptions, always offer their products ex-work. Ex-work means that you, as an entrepreneur, are responsible for collecting the goods from the factory.

Import Amazon FBA products from China to Germany

Organizing the import to Germany yourself is actually not easy. The ex-work condition doesn’t have to put you off, however, as there are specialized freight forwarders such as Voltoo. Voltoo’s Managing Director Meidong Xu describes the procedure for FBA imports from China:

“Forwarding companies like Voltoo take care of the entire logistics of their customers but also the customs clearance for imports from China. We collect the goods produced in China directly from the factories with our local logistics partners. Then we either organize parcel shipping to Germany or shipping by container. A complete container does not have to be filled. In the so-called LCL container, the products are imported from various companies. This means that costs can be reduced significantly. Alternatively, we also fly products to Germany if they are needed very quickly.

If the goods reach Germany, they are cleared by the shipping company for their customers. We then send the goods either to the customer’s delivery address or to an Amazon FBA warehouse. For the latter, the goods are temporarily stored by us, labeled according to Amazon requirements and placed on pallets if necessary. In the so-called Carrier Central from Amazon, we set a delivery date and send the customer’s goods to the warehouse notified by Amazon on the assigned date.

The big advantage of a shipping company that delivers directly to Amazon FBA is that the customers themselves do not need any intermediate storage to store the goods within the time window assigned by Amazon. In this way, an FBA dealer saves valuable time, its own personnel and, of course, money. ”

Order Products for Amazon FBA in China