Skiathos Travel Guide


Monasteries and beautiful beaches of Skiathos. Skiathos, popular with tourists, has more than 60 beaches to choose from.


The island of Skiathos could be compared to his domestic cat stretching in the sunshine: beneath the relaxed surface, an enjoyer ready for expeditions is revealed. Located close to the Greek coast, Skiathos is especially known for its sandy beaches and monasteries, but the island is also ideal for the Greek traveler dreaming of a more active holiday.

A beach paradise in the Aegean Sea

Skiathos, one of Greece’s most popular holiday islands , is located in the Aegean Sea and belongs to the Sporades archipelago. The landscapes of Skiathos are familiar to many Mamma Mia! , as the film was shot on an island.

The nearest neighboring island of Skiathos is a degree calmer Skopelos, which is also a well-known holiday destination, and another Mamma Mia! movie locations.

Skiathos is smaller in size – it only covers an area of ​​48 square kilometers – but its compact size is also beneficial and the island, despite its small size, has a lot to see. The landscapes of Skiathos are diverse and as a counterbalance to the sandy beaches on the island, one can also enjoy mountain views, especially in the northern part of the island.

Beaches are often the main thing for holidaymakers on the island. Skiathos is known for its numerous sandy and pebble beaches, of which there are over 60 on the island. The island, floating in the clear Aegean Sea, is also a great diving and snorkelling destination.

Most of the sandy beaches and the most popular tourist areas are located in the south of the island. Skiathos is a suitable destination for beach holidaymakers and families with children. The most famous destination in Skiathos is the town of Skiathos with the same name as the island.

The magnificent Lalaria Beach is located in the northern part of the island of Skiathos. Due to the rocky terrain, you have to travel there by boat.

Island of summer winds

Skiathos is a popular summer destination. In summer, both the climate and services are at their best on the island.

Between June and September, daytime temperatures hurt well over 25 degrees on the island. The hottest is in July, when the daytime temperature stays at an average of 30 degrees. Spring and autumn are clearly busier than midsummer, but heat readings occur until September.

In summer, a special feature of Skiathos is the occasional strong summer breezes called Meltemia . If you’re going on a boat trip, be prepared in July – August to get enough clothing for surprisingly strong winds.

Outside the summer season, Skiathos is peaceful and windy. Winters are mild.

Beaches at once

Small and large, popular and deserted – there are over 60 beaches on the island of Skiathos, each of which can be chosen to suit their taste.

Families with children in particular will enjoy the well-equipped beaches near the hotel. Many of Skiathos ’beaches are perfect for children’s swimming. Favorite beaches for families with children include Vasilias and Kanapitsa, which is funny in Finnish. Megali Ammos Beach, near the town of Skiathos, is also one of the island’s favorites.

For those looking for a quieter beach holiday, hop on the bus and head for the coves further along the coast. Degrees, the most adventurous beach holidaymakers, on the other hand, go on a boat trip or on their own by car towards the north. The beaches in the northern part of the island, bordered by a mountainous landscape, are more difficult to access than the southern beaches, but often worth the effort.

Activities on land and sea

A tourist accustomed to lounging on the beach alone does not have to settle for Skiathos. The clear waters of the Aegean Sea are a great diving and snorkelling destination and there are several diving centers on the island.

In addition to diving, the Aegean Sea also offers opportunities for sailing. During sailing and boating trips, you should keep an eye out: Dolphins may be spotted from the blue depths of the Aegean Sea.

In addition to maritime activities, you can also find things to do on the island itself. The varied terrain offers good opportunities for hiking. Skiathos is a well-known hiking destination. The island has more than 20 marked walking trails and numerous hiking trails with a total length approaching 200 kilometers.

Nightlife and Greek delicacies

The magnificent Lalaria Beach

Although Skiathos is otherwise a fairly peaceful destination, those who enjoy a pleasant nightlife and good food, especially in the middle of summer in the town of Skiathos.

During the July – August twists and turns, the city’s nightlife is at its busiest, so party butterflies should head to the scenery of Papadiamantis ’pedestrian street. Along the promenade you will also find the best shopping opportunities on the island.

Even lovers of good food will not be left without delicacies on the island, as there are plenty of good Greek restaurants on the island and especially in the town of Skiathos. From the hotel’s dining tables, you should head to traditional taverns along the promenade or to the harbor’s seafood restaurants.