Suriname 2013

Suriname Population Density

Yearbook 2013

Suriname. On August 30, the same day President Desi Bouterse hosted a South American summit in Paramaribo, his son Dino was questioned by New York City police officers on drug and weapons smuggling after being extradited from Panama. Both charges can lead to life imprisonment. Dino Bouterse has previously been imprisoned in Suriname for smuggling.

According to Countryaah, President Bouterse himself has been convicted in his absence by a Dutch court for cocaine smuggling and is also accused of serious human rights violations during his time as a powerholder in the 1980s. Later, Dutch media reported that US authorities have evidence of a link between President Bouterse and neighboring country Guyana’s drug king Roger Khan.

Suriname Population Density

Economically, Suriname was one of the strongest growing countries in the region during the year, with up to 5% growth, mainly based on favorable commodity prices as Suriname’s most important export commodity gold. International credit rating agencies projected an equally high growth rate over the next three years. In April, an investment agreement was signed with the Malaysian oil company Petronas worth $ 25 million.