The 10 most toxic sea animals in the world

the genus Palythoa

The most toxic sea creature: the sea wasp

The sea wasp is a jellyfish and occurs off the north and east coast of Australia and in the western Pacific. When they come into contact, their roughly sixty tentacles and five thousand nettle cells burst open to fire their poison. The jellyfish likes to float in shallow coastal waters. Their poison blocks the muscles, breathing stops, and death occurs within a few minutes. Every year around seventy people die from the poison of the “murdering hand” (“Chironex fleckeri”, Latin). The poison of a sea wasp would be enough to kill 250 people, but is never excreted at once. But there is an antidote.

The most poisonous fish: the puffer fish

Its poison could kill 24-30 people. The toxin tetrodotoxin is mainly found in the skin, liver and ovaries of fish. In Japan, puffer fish is often eaten as a delicacy called “Fugu”. However, if it is prepared incorrectly, its enjoyment can be fatal.

The most poisonous octopus: the blue ring octopus

Their poison is enough to kill 10 to 26 people. It is smaller than a human hand and prefers to hide in snail and conch shells. Your bite leads to speech disorders, paralysis and nausea within a few minutes.

The most poisonous snail: the marble cone snail

Your poison could kill 20 people. When touched, her trunk shoots out and injects the poison with a tooth. This causes severe pain, paralysis, visual and breathing disorders.

The most poisonous sea snake: the Dubois sea snake

A person can already die from 3 mg of their toxin. However, the snake is lazy and mostly releases less poison. That’s why fishermen like to catch them. The bite is barely noticeable, so that it is often not noticed and there are always fatal accidents.

The most poisonous stone fish: The real stone fish

It protects itself with 72 spines, 18 of which can release a muscle and nerve poison. Perfectly camouflaged, it lies in wait for prey. Some divers accidentally reach into their spines. A sting causes burning pain, paralysis and cardiac arrhythmias and leads to death in 60 percent of the victims within eight hours.

The most poisonous scorpion fish: the lionfish

The lionfish uses the poison from its dorsal fin spines for defense. His stings are very painful and trigger muscle twitches, but are not life-threatening for people.

The most poisonous rays: the gray and American stingray

The stingray’s spines are equipped with poisonous glands and barbs and are highly toxic to humans. The fish uses them as soon as they feel threatened.

The most poisonous sepia: the splendid sepia

The meat of the splendid epias contains a highly toxic toxin. The magnificent sepia is the only known poisonous species among the sepias.

The most poisonous crust anemone: the genus Palythoa

Corals are not marine plants, but animals. The poison of the Palythoa species of crust anemone is lethal in tiny amounts.

the genus Palythoa