Togo 2013

Togo Population Density

Yearbook 2013

Togo. According to Countryaah, Parliamentary elections could be held in July, greatly delayed. This after the opposition protested against changes in the electoral law which were considered to favor the ruling party. Controversial issues were about the composition of the electoral commission, the number of votes to win seats in various constituencies, and the opposition and civil society being given space in state-controlled media. There was also disagreement over whether President Faure Gnassingbé would be allowed to stand in the 2015 presidential election.

In the election, Gnassingbe’s Party Collection for the Republic (UNIR) won a grand victory. The party got 62 out of 91 seats in parliament. In 2012, the President dissolved the Government Party Collection for the People of Togo (RPT), which his father – the country’s late president – had founded in 1969. UNIR went to election on what the government did.

Togo Population Density

Four opposition parties received 29 seats, of which the Rescue Togo collective received 19 seats. The opposition claimed that electoral fraud had occurred, but election observers from the regional cooperative organization ECOWAS had no major objections. The election was preceded by protests.

One month after the election, the government resigned. In September, the president again appointed Kwesi Ahoomey-Zunu as prime minister. The new government had 26 members, six fewer than the previous one. a new foreign minister. The government also included the opposition party Union of Changing Forces (UFC), which has declined sharply. It received three seats compared to 27 in the 2007 elections.