Travel to Valletta


If you are looking for a destination that is perfect for a weekend getaway, you might want to give Malta’s capital Valetta a chance. It is a beautiful city that is very versatile and where you can enjoy incredible architecture, charming restaurants and a number of interesting sights where you can really feel the wings of history. Due to its strategic position in the Mediterranean, Malta has often played an important role, not least in times of war. In fact, much of the city was damaged by bombing raids during World War II. Now everything has been restored and Valetta is considered so unique and important to preserve for future generations that UNESCO has added the city to its World Heritage List.

How to get to Valetta

The easiest way is to travel by air. The destination you are looking for is called Malta International Airport, but it is so close to the capital that it is sometimes even called Valetta Airport. From the airport to the central parts of the city it is only about 6 km. The best tip is to use the airport buses called Airport Express. They have routes called X1-X4 where X4 goes to Valetta. A one-way trip costs just a little more than one euro and is significantly cheaper than taking a taxi.


According to Programingplease, Malta is generally considered sunny and the weather is almost always good. During the summer, the thermometer usually shows 25 ° C to 30 ° C and there are hardly any rainy days to speak of. Even during a winter month like December, the average temperature is usually around 15 °. The outdoor cafes are actually open throughout the year, which is a good sign of a wonderful climate. What you can think of, however, is that there are usually a few more rainy days from October to April compared to during the summer months. Of course, the average temperature in the water is also higher during the summer, so for those who intend to enjoy the sun and swimming during the trip, there are some advantages to choosing the season.


Most of it is about your own budget because you can find options for all budgets. Many people appreciate the convenience of hotels. Some quick tips are Palazzo Paolina Boutique Hotel, Palazzo Consiglia, La Falconeria and Grand Hotel Excelsior. Hotels are usually the best choice for those who do not care so much about the price, but mostly want good service and a general feeling of luxury. For the more price-conscious traveler to Valetta, it is a recommendation to rent a holiday home in a reasonably good location. Many people rent out their apartments, especially during the high season for tourists. If you are out early, it is usually possible to choose between apartments in surprisingly good locations, not infrequently with Valetta’s main street within easy walking distance.

General travel tips

You do not need a visa to travel to Malta as an EU citizen. A valid passport is fully sufficient if you are to stay for less than 3 months. The country uses the euro as its currency. Paying by card is not usually a problem at all, but if you want to use cash, it can be smart to exchange money in advance at a really good exchange rate. If you feel that it matters less, there are also many more vending machines in Valetta. The best way to get around inside Valetta is to walk. However, the bus connections are surprisingly good and since the distances are not very long in Malta, taxis are also an acceptable option.