US 61 in Iowa

US 61 in Iowa


US 61
Get started keokuk
End dubuque
Length 199 mi
Length 320 km


Fort Madison





Mount Joy


Long Grove

De Witt

Grand Mound



Dubuque-Wisconsin Bridge


According to act-test-centers, US 61 is a US Highway in the US state of Iowa. The road forms a north-south link in the east of the state, between Keokuk and Dubuque. The route is partly a freeway, and the remaining parts also have 2×2 lanes. The route is 320 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 61 near Fort Madison.

US 61 in Missouri comes from the town of Hannibal and crosses the Des Moines River to arrive in Iowa, just before that river’s mouth into the Mississippi River. US 61 therefore follows the Mississippi Valley to the north. The road first forms a bypass of the town of Keokuk, then a 2×2 divided highway to Burlington. This route also has double numbering with US 136 and US 218. There is a bypass around Fort Madison. US 61 then passes through the west of the city of Burlington and intersects with US 34.

Then follows a 130-kilometer stretch parallel to the Mississippi River to Davenport. This section first heads north, from Muscatine eastwards. Between Burlington and Muscatine, the US 61 is still partly single-lane. Around Muscatine is a bypass, the road then reaches the Quad Cities region, four cities on the Mississippi River, two in Iowa and two in Illinois. US 61 passes through the city of Davenport and crosses Interstate 280 on the west side and Interstate 80 on the north side of Davenport.

North of Davenport, US 61 has been extended as a freeway over a distance of about 30 kilometers to near DeWitt. After that, US 61 is another 90 kilometers to Dubuque, a 2×2 divided highway with varying degrees of grade separation. The road here first leads through a flat area, further north through a more hilly area, known as the Driftless Area. Until Dubuque there are no towns directly on the route, but the US 61 does have a bypass at Maquoketa. The urban part through Dubuque is partly grade separated. It crosses US 20, after which US 61 crosses the Mississippi River via the Dubuque-Wisconsin Bridge to Wisconsin. US 61 in Wisconsin then continues north.


US 61 was created in 1926 and ran into Iowa west of the Mississippi River. It was quite an important road from the start and has been widened to 4 lanes in many places. In 1982 the first 31 kilometers opened as a freeway between Davenport and De Witt. In 1982, the four -lane Dubuque-Wisconsin Bridge at Dubuque also opened. In 1996, the route to Maquoketa was widened to 4 lanes, although this is not a freeway except for the short bypass of Maquoketa. In 1999 the four-lane section was completed to Dubuque.

In 1984 the four-lane bypass of Muscatine opened and between 1996 and 2002 the route between Keokuk and Burlington was widened to 4 lanes. The Dubuque–Wisconsin Bridge opened to traffic on August 21, 1982, replacing the 1902 Eagle Point Bridge. In 2018, a new 2-lane, grade-separated section opened at Grandview, south of Muscatine.

Traffic intensities

Daily 7,700 to 10,000 vehicles run between Keokuk and Burlington and 4,100 to 10,300 vehicles between Burlington and Davenport. The highway section from Davenport to De Witt has 16,600 vehicles and 8,700 vehicles to Maquoketa. The portion from Maquoketa to Dubuque handles 6,400 to 7,400 vehicles and 18,400 vehicles on the bridge to Wisconsin.

Marquette-Joliet Bridge

Marquette-Joliet Bridge
Spans Mississippi River
Lanes 1×2
Total length 781 meters
Main span 141 meters
Bridge deck height 18 meters
Opening 06-1975
Traffic intensity 9,100 mvt/day
Location Map

According to liuxers, the Marquette-Joliet Bridge is an arch bridge in the United States, located on the border of the states of Iowa and Wisconsin. The bridge spans the Mississippi River at Prairie du Chien.


The Marquette-Joliet Bridge is an arch bridge with a total length of 781 meters and a main span of 141 meters. The bridge is 14 meters wide and the bridge deck is 18 meters above the Mississippi River. US 18 runs across the bridge from Marquette to Prairie du Chien. The bridge connects on the west side with mainland Iowa, on the east side with Number One Hundred Seventy-two Island, an island in the Mississippi River. A second shorter bridge spans the east branch of the Mississippi to Prairie du Chien in Wisconsin. This is a girder bridge and is located entirely in the state of Wisconsin. The bridge is located a few miles north of the confluence of the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers. The bridge is toll-free.


Marquette-Prairie Bridge

The first bridge over the Mississippi at Prairie du Chien was a suspension bridge from 1932. This was a small suspension bridge with a narrow bridge deck and a partly trussed bridge deck. This bridge stood just north of the existing bridge and opened onto Blackhawk Avenue in Prairie du Chien. A row of trees still betrays the old route.

Marquette-Joliet Bridge

In the mid-1970s, the suspension bridge was replaced by the current arch bridge. The suspension bridge only served for 43 years and the new arch bridge opened to traffic in June 1975.

Traffic intensities

9,100 vehicles cross the bridge every day.

US 61 in Iowa