History of Judaism 4

History of Judaism Part IV

September 27, 2021 physicscat 0

Enlightenment and emancipation: The shock caused by Sabbatianism prepared the ground for a later Enlightenment in Judaism in Central and Western Europe (Haskala), whose goals […]

History of Judaism 3

History of Judaism Part III

September 26, 2021 physicscat 0

Middle Ages: After the Arab-Islamic conquest, the so-called »Omar Treaty« offered the »book religions« Judaism and Christianity (Ahl al-Kitab) a limited tolerance, which enabled the […]

History of Judaism 2

History of Judaism Part II

September 25, 2021 physicscat 0

Despite all religious exclusivity and demarcation, Judaism opened up in large parts of Hellenistic culture. Greek-speaking Jewish settlements sprang up throughout the Mediterranean, the largest […]

Israel Population Density

Israel 2013

March 9, 2021 physicscat 0

Yearbook 2013 Israel. Ahead of the January 22 parliamentary elections, incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Conservative Party Likud had entered into an election […]