How to Get to Amman, Jordan

Amman, Jordan

From Moscow Domodedovo to Amman three times a week (Tuesday, Friday, Sunday) operate direct flights “Es Seven” and “Royal Jordanian”; travel time – 4.5 hours. A more profitable option is to get with a transfer in Istanbul, Athens, Tel Aviv, Doha, Abu Dhabi or Dubai, but the minimum travel time is 6 hours. For such flights, you can choose Turkish Airlines, Aegean Airlines, Emirates, Flydubai, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways and other carriers.¬†See JIBIN123 for Jordan customs regulations and visa requirements.

From airport to city

Amman International Airport “Queen Alia” is located 32 km from the city. The most affordable way to get to the center is by shuttle buses that run every half an hour between the Northern Bus Station and the main air gate of the country, the journey takes about 45 minutes.

It’s faster and more comfortable to take a taxi. The trip will take 20-25 minutes and cost 20 JOD. Some taxi drivers try to deceive customers by indicating the cost either in JOD or in USD. Therefore, you need to negotiate immediately, and even better – write down the price on the sheet with the currency designation.

By bus

Often travelers come to Amman from other places in Jordan and Israel by bus. This mode of transport connects the capital with cities such as Petra, Aqaba, Irbid, as well as with the King Hussein Bridge, through which you can arrive in Jordan from Israel and Palestine. It takes about an hour to drive from the border to Amman.


Public transport in Amman is a complex and extensive network of three types of buses: large, medium, reminiscent of our minibuses, and minivans. In addition, white Servees cars drive around the city – ordinary cars that move along predetermined routes and do not deviate from them: a peculiar and less expensive alternative to taxis.

It is usually difficult for travelers to use buses: transport stops at the request of passengers, signs are not translated into English, and flight numbers are in most cases missing. But the locals are happy to help tourists and suggest what to go on. You need to pay at the entrance, the money is placed in a special box next to the driver’s seat, they don’t give change.

The most convenient way to travel is by taxi. Cars of official carriers are painted gray and yellow, payment by meter. A trip around the city costs 20 JOD, but you must make sure that the meter is turned on and not succumb to the persuasion of the driver about a fixed price.

Tourists are not recommended to rent a car in Amman, as the traffic is too chaotic and poorly organized. However, rental services are presented in all their diversity, so if necessary, finding a car is not difficult.

Amman Hotels

In Amman, guests are waiting for several hundred hotels of different price categories: from very unpretentious hostels to truly luxurious oriental “palaces”. Ethnic places are especially original, where the rooms themselves, halls, spa centers and beauty salons are decorated with gilding, brocade and carpets.

A little less often, apartments are rented out, but among them you can find worthy options. A bed in a hostel is offered for 10 JOD, a double room in a 3 * hotel costs 40 JOD, and for a five-star option you will have to pay 100-120 JOD per day.

The highest valued accommodation is along Al Hashemi and Al Rida streets. Amman is considered a safe city, but it is more comfortable and quieter to stay in the center.

What to bring

Hand-embroidered interior fabrics are considered traditional souvenirs from Amman. Mostly there are images of folk ornaments and natural motifs. Girls are happy to buy original Arabic-style jewelry made of metal and stones. Very popular cosmetics based on salt from the Dead Sea, which is located just 35 km from the city, as well as oils: olive, coconut and argan.

Almost every interior will fit metal vases and sand paintings. And relatives and friends will be happy with local sweets made from dried fruits, candied fruits and nuts. Gourmets can bring spices or coffee as a gift.

In Amman, it is customary to bargain, but only if it is not about gold jewelry, they are always set at a fixed price.

The “Golden Bazaar” (souk), located in the city center, is famous for its magnificent handicrafts made of gold and silver. The prices here are moderate, but you can always bargain. In addition, the city has many excellent shops with goods of local artisans: carpets and pillows, ceramics, inlay and embroidery. Do not be surprised if the owner of the shop offers a cup of coffee: such a friendly gesture is quite traditional for Jordanians.

There are also several modern shopping centers in Amman: Abdun Mall, Amman Mall, Mecca Mall and Zara.

Amman, Jordan