Popular Destinations in Singapore



To answer the question of where to relax in Singapore, you will first have to decide for yourself which region of this city-state is most interesting to you. For some tourists, the central part of the republic, which is considered the capital and is called Singapore, is quite enough. There are no beaches here due to the active use of the trading port, but there are many museums, entertainment centers and multi-storey shops.

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Although Singapore is divided into national quarters, all the interesting corners of the metropolis should be examined comprehensively, without ignoring the objects geographically. The most popular attractions include:

  • Singapore Museum of Art;
  • Cathedral of the Good Shepherd;
  • City Hall;
  • Clark Quay Boat Quarter;
  • Orchad Road Botanical Garden;
  • Palace of Istana Kampong Glam;
  • Jurong Bird Park.


There are several hundred shopping zones in the city-state, and each of them is a standard of modern Asian luxury, technology and generous sales. The major centers are:

  • “Bugis Junction”;
  • “ION Orchad”;
  • “Ngii Ann City”;
  • “Vivo”;
  • Delphi.


Sentosa Island is rightfully considered the main beach resort of Singapore, where almost all roads from the historical center lead – both by land and water, and by air. But, besides the coast, this piece of land is also famous for its other objects.


Going to rest on the shore, know that the entrance to any of the beaches of Sentosa is free, but you will have to pay for every additional whim. All sectors of the coast are well equipped, both with sun loungers and umbrellas, as well as changing places and awnings where you can wait out a sudden downpour.

There are three beaches on the island, these are:

  • Palawan;
  • Tannier;

Each site has its own entertainment infrastructure. Somewhere there are more children’s attractions, somewhere – volleyball nets and surf rentals.


Once upon a time, hundreds of thousands of tourists traveled to the island every month, just to visit the legendary Oceanarium “Underwater World”, but since 2016 it has ceased its work. However, there are still many interesting places worth seeing, for example:

  • Butterfly Park;
  • Merlion tower with observation decks;
  • Singapore History Museum;
  • Singing Fountains.

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If traveling around the main tourist islands seemed not enough for you, then you can always look into Pulau Tekong, the island closest to Malaysia, which only in 2004 finally came under Singaporean control, and was immediately turned into a special cultural object and museum under open sky.


The main sightseeing object of the island are the ruins of Johor Lama, an ancient city that was destroyed presumably in the 15th-16th centuries. Excavations have been going on here for more than 30 years, and every year they allow you to better know the history of Singapore and all the peoples who have ever lived here.


Unlike its noisy neighbor Sentosa, Pulau Ubin is an example of Asian tranquility against the backdrop of urban landscapes. This is a unique natural area given over to recreational purposes and has become one of the unique resorts not only in Singapore, but in the entire South Asian region.


There is only one beach here, and it bears the name – Chek Java, like the cape that borders the sandy coast. The swimming area is strictly limited, both for the sake of preserving the local marine fauna and for the safety of tourists – sea urchins, octopuses and other, not the most pleasant inhabitants of the depths, often hide on the shallows, which can cause a lot of problems for guests.


As such, there are very few attractions here, but each of them works in full force for the tourist infrastructure, these are:

  • Puaka Hill Reserve;
  • Bicycle park Ketam;
  • Java lookout tower.