Buddhist Arts

Buddhist Arts

September 12, 2021 physicscat 0

Buddhist art, term for the art shaped by Buddhism. It does not form a stylistic unit, but developed certain forms of architecture and art that […]

India Poverty

India Poverty Reduction

May 21, 2021 physicscat 0

Poverty and inequality India has been committed to fighting poverty since independence. Jawaharlal Nehru – the first Prime Minister – believed that poverty could be […]

Nepal and India

Nepal and India

April 23, 2021 physicscat 0

This trip takes you to two strongly contrasting countries, India and Nepal. They are also dominated by two major religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. The Indian […]

India Population Density

India 2013

March 9, 2021 physicscat 0

Yearbook 2013 India. According to Countryaah, Indian politics were characterized during the year by the fact that general elections were to be held in 2014. […]