Finland Tourist Information

Finland Tourist Information

Important! Going to Finland, it is important to have a complete tour package with documents: a foreign passport with a visa, a voucher for a tour to Finland, an insurance policy and an air ticket. Check-in for an international flight to Finland two hours before departure.

Finland: location. According to thesciencetutor, Finland is located in the north of Europe. Almost a third of the territory of the state is located beyond the Arctic Circle. Finland borders on land with Norway, Russia, Sweden. Maritime borders run along the Gulf of Finland with Estonia. The Gulf of Bothnia and the Baltic Sea wash the shores of Finland. There are more than eighty thousand islands along the coastline of Finland. The territory of Finland is divided into three geographical areas. Coastal lowlands along the Gulf of Bothnia and the Gulf of Finland. To the south of the center of the country there is a region of lakes with dense forests, swamps, marshes, lakes. The northern upper reaches, most of it is located beyond the Arctic Circle. Finland’s unique unspoiled nature and four distinct scenic seasons provide wonderful opportunities for recreation in this northern region. You will always feel close to nature, even while spending time in a big city. Finland is also called “the land of a thousand lakes” and “the land of the midnight sun”.

Finland: climate. The climate is temperate continental in the north. Finland has four distinct seasons. Summer is from June to August with an average temperature of eighteen degrees Celsius. In the northern and central part of Finland, snow lies mainly from December to March, which is the time for winter sports enthusiasts. In the middle of summer you can visit Lapland during the polar day, and in winter during the polar night. The average temperature in Lapland is minus fourteen degrees.

Finland: population. The population is more than five and a half million people.

Finland: religion. Eighty-six percent of the population is Lutheran. Finland: capital.

In the south of the country on the shores of the Baltic Sea is the capital of Finland – Helsinki. The city was founded in 1550. The population is 625,268 thousand people. On a peninsula with a heavily indented coastline of bays and bays, the Historic Center of the city is located. Throughout the city, rocks are visible in the landscape. Winters in Helsinki are cold and long with significant rainfall. Helsinki is divided into two parts, the western historical and modern parts are connected by a single subway line and a large network of roads. Public transport is represented by trams and buses. Twenty-five percent of the city is occupied by parks, Central Park runs through the entire city.

Finland: major cities. Espoo has a population of more than two hundred and thirty thousand people, Tampere has a population of more than two hundred thousand people, Vantaa has a population of more than two hundred thousand people, Turku has a population of more than one hundred and eighty thousand people.

Finland: currency. The European currency is the euro. 1 euro – 100 euro cents. Finland: mobile communications. GSM 900/1800 mobile communication standards. Telephone code – (+358).

In most cities, it will not be a problem to find Wi-Fi and use the Internet. For communication, it is better to buy a SIM card (about 6.5 euros, Saunalahti), and mobile Internet (unlimited) on the card will cost about 0.66 euros per day, calls within the country are also inexpensive. If you need constant access to the Internet at a good speed, you can buy a modem (Saunalahti) for about 40 euros with a month of unlimited. As for emergency numbers, any assistance can be called by dialing 112.

Finland: electric voltage. In Finland, the standard voltage is 220 volts, European-style sockets. Finland: visa. For citizens of Ukraine who do not have a biometric foreign passport, it is necessary to obtain a visa to Finland. Processing time – from 10 working days. Finland: time. Finland and Ukraine are in the same time zone.

Finland: language. The official state languages ​​in Finland are Finnish and Swedish. At the same time, the main foreign language is English, more than 60% of the country’s inhabitants speak it.

Finland: features of customs control. For tourists entering the country, there is a restriction on the import of alcohol without duty: up to 4 liters of still wine, up to 16 liters of beer, up to 1 liter of alcohol over 22%, up to 2 liters of alcohol below 22%. By the way, this applies to tourists over 20 years old and those who plan to spend 3 days or more in the country. Finnish customs regulations also limit the import of tobacco products: up to 200 cigarettes or 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars or 250 tobacco. The prohibition applies to the following: drugs and narcotic substances, weapons and ammunition, gas cartridges, animal products, animal feed, pirated records and content. It is best to bring your doctor’s prescription with you.

Finland: tips. Usually service and maintenance are included in the bill, so it is not customary to leave a tip (although if you have a desire, then of course you can, it will not offend the Finns).

Finland: official holidays. Some of the most popular official holidays are Christmas (December 25), New Year (January 1), Epiphany (January 6) and Independence Day (December 6). Interesting for tourists will be 1.05 Vappu holiday – the day of spring and youth. Students and other residents of the country are very active in celebrating the holiday, especially in the city center – colorful costumes, fireworks, beer and other fun. If you like festivals, in Finland you should definitely visit the theater festival in the Finnish city of Tampere (takes place in August). Hundreds of theatrical and street productions, master classes, performances and other creative performances are waiting for you. The music festival Flow Festival, which takes place in August in the capital, will also be interesting. About 40,000 guests annually come to the festival in anticipation of hundreds of performances of various genres of music (pop-rock, rock, electro and much more).

Finland Tourist Information