Information about Croatia

Information about Croatia

Croatia is overflowing with exciting history, friendly people and fantastic nature experiences. There are countless beautiful, white beaches in sheltered coves and impressive mountains that are reflected in crystal clear water – truly a delight to the eye. We tailor your trip to Croatia with experiences “off the beaten track” and far from just right!

On this page you will find practical information and facts about Croatia.


Climate and best travel time
In the southern coastal areas of the Adriatic, you experience a tropical Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters. The best travel period is from the end of April to October. From November to March, significantly more rain often falls and the temperature can drop even below zero. Our recommendations for the best travel time to Croatia are based on how the climate has been in previous years. Visit for best travel time for Croatia.

NOTE! The visa rules can be changed at short notice, so We recommend that you check the current conditions at the country’s embassy or on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website. The following information may change.

Croatia is visa-free for Swedish citizens. However, you should always bring your passport for photo identification.

There may be entry requirements for Croatia, such as special requirements for vaccinations, insurance cover, health certificates and the like. Contact your travel consultant for current entry requirements for Croatia.

Buses are the most popular form of public transport in Croatia and for good reasons as bus prices are relatively low and the bus line network is impressively developed. The buses are not only used to transport travelers, but can also be used to send packages between different parts of the country. All major cities in Croatia, such as Pula, Rijeka, Zagreb, Zadar and Split, have international bus routes to several European destinations such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland and neighboring countries.

There are taxi companies mainly in and around major cities such as Zagreb and Split. Taxis, for example, are easy to use as a transfer service to and from the airport.

Motorhome rental:
Croatia’s many campsites make the country ideal for renting a motorhome. Drive around Croatia at your own pace and explore the country’s endless long coasts and many beautiful islands have made the country popular for motorhome holidays.

Boat / Ferry:
Croatia has more than five thousand kilometers of coastline and more than a thousand islands. Therefore, there is plenty of boat transport between the islands. There are a large number of ferries, motorboats and catamarans connecting the islands with the mainland. Most boats sail all year round but others sail only during the high season.
Some sailing routes cannot be booked online, so be aware of this when sailing with the more well-known routes during the high season.

Car rental:
The road network in Croatia is very well developed and the majority of the roads are paved and two-lane. Therefore, Croatia is well suited for a car vacation. The rental companies are either located at the airport and / or in Zagreb, Split and other major cities. Car rental gives you a flexible journey where you can experience the country at your own pace and stop at exactly where you want.

It is customary to add about 10% to the restaurant bill in Croatia. On tours, local guides and bus drivers expect some tips.








With a flight time of approx. 2 hours and 30 minutes from Sweden, it is easy to get to scenic Croatia. To the north, the country borders Slovenia and to the south, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia. One of the most visited places, apart from the Adriatic coast and the Dalmatian archipelago, are the wonderful Plitvice lakes. Croatia offers many different experiences and is therefore perfect for a round trip. You can hike, paddle a sea kayak, cycle and sail, drive on a car holiday, rent a motorhome, dive and much more. Croatia has a very varied nature and a diverse and strong culture.

The capital Zagreb is well worth a visit if you land here anyway. The city offers exciting history, beautiful architecture, good restaurants, jazz clubs, museums and a number of festivals throughout the year. Zagreb has very good connections to European cities with the help of national airlines and low-cost airlines, and the coast is only a two-hour drive away. It is precisely this combination of the welcoming and hospitable culture, exciting history, wild nature experiences with countless beautiful beaches, sheltered coves and impressive mountains reflected in the crystal clear sea, which all make Croatia the perfect holiday destination for adventurous people of all ages.

Information about Croatia