Milan, Italy

Sights of Milan, Italy

November 11, 2022 physicscat 0

According to Pet with Supplies, Milan is the fashion capital of Italy and also an important business city within the country. Large companies are located […]

Croatia and Dalmatia

Croatia and Dalmatia

May 27, 2022 physicscat 0

Historical region of the northern Balkans which, together with the territories of Slavonia, Dalmatia and the Istrian peninsula, is part of the republic of the […]

Iceland Literature 2

Iceland Literature

March 4, 2022 physicscat 0

From the origins to the 19th century The first Icelandic literature in verse and prose develops during the Middle Ages. The poetic production includes the […]

Russia Industries

Russia Industries

January 28, 2022 physicscat 0

As mentioned above, the last few years have seen an extraordinarily rapid development of industry in Russia, while still at the outbreak of the revolution […]

Germany Financial Policy

Germany Financial Policy

January 21, 2022 physicscat 0

Two elements testify more than the others to the exceptional economic development of Germany in the past decade: the high proportion of net investments in […]

Belgium Villages

Belgium Villages

January 7, 2022 physicscat 0

Houses and villages. – In Belgium there are no strictly Flemish or Walloon types of houses. The small farm house, like the large farm of […]

Dingle Peninsula

Ireland Landmarks

December 3, 2021 physicscat 0

Kylemore Abbey From the romantic love castle on the lake to the monastery It all started with a great love story. Kylemore Abbey in Connemara […]

Information about Croatia

Information about Croatia

September 23, 2021 physicscat 0

Croatia is overflowing with exciting history, friendly people and fantastic nature experiences. There are countless beautiful, white beaches in sheltered coves and impressive mountains that […]

Muslims in Germany

Muslims in Germany

September 23, 2021 physicscat 0

Before the 1920s, Islam was a strange phenomenon in Germany. Until then, only a few Muslims came to the German states; around the 17th century […]

Buddhism 5

Buddhism Part V

September 11, 2021 physicscat 0

The Buddhism is the v of Buddha in the 6th or 5th century. World religion founded in BC. It is most widespread in Asia, where […]

Buddhism 4

Buddhism Part IV

September 10, 2021 physicscat 0

The even more extensive literature of northern Buddhism is only available to a limited extent in Sanskrit and Middle Indian dialects, but numerous scripts originally […]

Buddhism 3

Buddhism Part III

September 9, 2021 physicscat 0

The teaching forms the common basis of the major Buddhist schools, presumably going back to Siddhartha Gautama, the historical Buddha. It is likely that the […]

Buddhism 2

Buddhism Part II

September 8, 2021 physicscat 0

In Cambodia, In Mongolia and the traditionally Buddhist areas within the Russian Federation (Russia), Buddhism experienced a rebirth after the collapse of the communist state […]

Buddhism 1

Buddhism Part I

September 7, 2021 physicscat 0

Buddhism, which is based on the work of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha (“the enlightened”), in the 6th or 5th century BC. Declining religion in the […]

World Religions

World Religions

September 6, 2021 physicscat 0

World religions, designation for those religions that claim universal validity in the sense of universal religions with their message, operate supraregional (worldwide) missions and / […]

Globalization 5

Globalization Part V

September 5, 2021 physicscat 0

Cultural tendencies In addition to goods and money, it is not only people who cross borders, but also images and messages, ideas and ideologies that […]

Globalization 4

Globalization Part IV

September 4, 2021 physicscat 0

According to, changed economic structures in the course of globalization lead to contradictions, as can be seen from the debate about the role and […]

Globalization 2

Globalization Part II

September 2, 2021 physicscat 0

Economic drivers: The economic influencing factors can be divided into macroeconomic and microeconomic factors. The most significant macroeconomic driving force is the increase in the […]

Globalization 1

Globalization Part I

September 1, 2021 physicscat 0

Globalization, a complex term for several interrelated but distinguishable structural changes in the international system due to a deeper global economic division of labor, specialization, […]