Judaism Overview 2

Judaism Overview 2

September 30, 2021 physicscat 0

Jewish services take place in so-called synagogues. Synagogues existed in places with a Jewish population as early as the 6th century BC. When the temple […]

Judaism Overview 1

Judaism Overview 1

September 29, 2021 physicscat 0

The Judaism (Jewish religion) is the oldest world religion with a belief in only one God. The Jewish religion developed around 4000 years ago in […]

History of Judaism 4

History of Judaism Part IV

September 27, 2021 physicscat 0

Enlightenment and emancipation: The shock caused by Sabbatianism prepared the ground for a later Enlightenment in Judaism in Central and Western Europe (Haskala), whose goals […]

History of Judaism 3

History of Judaism Part III

September 26, 2021 physicscat 0

Middle Ages: After the Arab-Islamic conquest, the so-called »Omar Treaty« offered the »book religions« Judaism and Christianity (Ahl al-Kitab) a limited tolerance, which enabled the […]

History of Judaism 2

History of Judaism Part II

September 25, 2021 physicscat 0

Despite all religious exclusivity and demarcation, Judaism opened up in large parts of Hellenistic culture. Greek-speaking Jewish settlements sprang up throughout the Mediterranean, the largest […]

Information about Croatia

Information about Croatia

September 23, 2021 physicscat 0

Croatia is overflowing with exciting history, friendly people and fantastic nature experiences. There are countless beautiful, white beaches in sheltered coves and impressive mountains that […]

Muslims in Germany

Muslims in Germany

September 23, 2021 physicscat 0

Before the 1920s, Islam was a strange phenomenon in Germany. Until then, only a few Muslims came to the German states; around the 17th century […]

History of Christianity 2

History of Christianity Part II

September 18, 2021 physicscat 0

Christianity: founder Christianity: Founder of Christianity and dissemination of religions in the area of ​​the European Union and in Switzerland Country first or early witnesses […]

Arabic Spring

Arabic Spring

September 17, 2021 physicscat 0

Arab Spring, Arabellion, term for a wave of protests against existing power relations, which from 2011 onwards led to radical political upheavals in several countries […]



September 16, 2021 physicscat 0

According to gradphysics.com, the Hinduism belongs alongside Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism to the five major world religions. The religion has approximately 949 million followers, […]

What is Islam

What is Islam?

September 16, 2021 physicscat 0

The Islam is the founded by Mohammed World religion. According to phonejust.com, “Islam” means total submission to the will of the one God Allah. The […]

Tibetan Buddhism 3

Tibetan Buddhism Part III

September 15, 2021 physicscat 0

At the beginning of the 15th century, Tsongkhapa’s reform efforts led to the establishment of the Gelugpa School (»School of the Virtuous«) with its ancestral […]

Tibetan Buddhism 1

Tibetan Buddhism Part I

September 13, 2021 physicscat 0

Tibetan Buddhism, developed in the West and (still) in use, the name Lamaism, derived from the late Indian forms of Buddhism ( Mahayana, Vajrayana) in […]

Buddhist Arts

Buddhist Arts

September 12, 2021 physicscat 0

Buddhist art, term for the art shaped by Buddhism. It does not form a stylistic unit, but developed certain forms of architecture and art that […]

Buddhism 5

Buddhism Part V

September 11, 2021 physicscat 0

The Buddhism is the v of Buddha in the 6th or 5th century. World religion founded in BC. It is most widespread in Asia, where […]

Bolivian Arts

Bolivian Arts

September 10, 2021 physicscat 0

Bolivian art, term for the art in the area of ​​today’s Bolivia. Visit cachedhealth.com for travel to South America. After the liberation by S. Bolívar and […]

Buddhism 4

Buddhism Part IV

September 10, 2021 physicscat 0

The even more extensive literature of northern Buddhism is only available to a limited extent in Sanskrit and Middle Indian dialects, but numerous scripts originally […]

Buddhism 3

Buddhism Part III

September 9, 2021 physicscat 0

The teaching forms the common basis of the major Buddhist schools, presumably going back to Siddhartha Gautama, the historical Buddha. It is likely that the […]

Buddhism 2

Buddhism Part II

September 8, 2021 physicscat 0

In Cambodia, In Mongolia and the traditionally Buddhist areas within the Russian Federation (Russia), Buddhism experienced a rebirth after the collapse of the communist state […]

Buddhism 1

Buddhism Part I

September 7, 2021 physicscat 0

Buddhism, which is based on the work of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha (“the enlightened”), in the 6th or 5th century BC. Declining religion in the […]

World Religions

World Religions

September 6, 2021 physicscat 0

World religions, designation for those religions that claim universal validity in the sense of universal religions with their message, operate supraregional (worldwide) missions and / […]

Globalization 5

Globalization Part V

September 5, 2021 physicscat 0

Cultural tendencies In addition to goods and money, it is not only people who cross borders, but also images and messages, ideas and ideologies that […]

Globalization 4

Globalization Part IV

September 4, 2021 physicscat 0

According to biotionary.com, changed economic structures in the course of globalization lead to contradictions, as can be seen from the debate about the role and […]